The first time I visited McClelland Sculpture Gallery, I was absolutely amazed by the diverse works and loved every minute of our tour around the grounds.

It was years and years ago when we first arrived in Australia, long before I started painting again. When I look back now I think that is where the little seed of an idea to create a sculpture took hold…

Well, imagine my delight when my very first sculpture was accepted into an exhibition at the one and only McClelland Sculpture Gallery!!

And then, to top everything off – my sculpture was purchased by a wonderful collector before the event opening!!

What a thrill to know someone ‘gets’ your work, and how fantastic to meet the collector and feel that connection.

A huge thank you to my tec dude Rocco! And to Association of Sculptors of Victoria for organising such a prestigious event.

I can’t wait to create more 3d works!






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