In this work, I seek to examine our intimate and shared relationship with perception.

Central to my practice is an investigation of our perceptual insights and how these can be activated to facilitate different, yet shared, experiences.

Humans are programmed to seek patterns and familiar objects as we navigate our world. We like to make sense of things, and this is informed by our individual experiences and methods of thinking.
Hand drawings are fused with digital structures, exploring the way basic forms, lines and colours create visuals that remind us of a world we know, a space we’ve visited before, architectural objects we understand.

Following this glimmer of familiarity, complete abstract forms occupy the space, seamlessly flowing into the area, creating foreign lines and forms that can not be linked to anything we know or find familiar, constructing a new meaning.
The friction between the new untold and the comfortable familiar allows for multiple insights. Dissonance yet balance. Chaos yet harmony.

Beauty in the unknown.






We had a fantastic turnout for the opening of "Abstraction" at YAVA Gallery, featuring 13...