Spinning plates to serve you

"Spinning plates to serve you"



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About This Work:

My works explore the shape-shifting complexity of women.

The continuous line visuals and the circle elements comment on a woman’s lineage, how our mothers through time have lived their selfless lives, and how their daughters have taught their daughters what it means to be a woman.

I honour the wisdom and traditions passed down through the maternal lineage, yet we need to continuously re-write the story of women.


> Spinning plates to serve you

This work comments on the mental load women across different cultures have carried for millennia.

It is often invisible, unrecognised and referred to as having ‘too many spinning plates’. It is an endless challenge to keep the spinning plates in the air as women exhaust themselves to meet society’s standards.


This is an Augmented Reality (AR) activated artwork.

To see a demo of my artwork in the gallery with the AR component – press play!