I had the pleasure of curating the “WOMAN” Exhibition at YAVA Gallery, over TWO venues!

It was a complex show with 73 artworks in the two gallery spaces, and we had an extremely short timeframe to make it all happen. It would not have been possible without the wonderful team of women who helped out (plus a few men who supported us, special thanks to Rocco on the two installation days!).

When I had the idea over a year ago, the concept and vision was quite different, but as things evolve we need to go with the flow, and I am proud of what we achieved. It’s such a diverse show, we’re representing 34 artists, each with their own story highlighting the multi-faceted experiences of being a WOMAN in todays world.

The exhibition aligns with International Women’s Day 2023 and we have a project “Celebrating women and women’s work” running concurrently with this exhibition.

The project engages community in celebrating women, focusing on aspects of art and craft that have often been considered woman’s work, using recycled fabrics and materials.

“WOMAN” will be on at YAVA Gallery and Warburton Waterwheel Gallery from 2 – 26 March.


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