Honoured to be published in the book “Balit Bagurrk” celebrating women of the Yarra Ranges.

“Dimensions of Life”

My ancestors are far away on other continents. I don’t have indigenous heritage, I was not born in Australia. I emigrated to a strange place to start a family, and I have grown to love my new land.

This artwork was created to pay my respects to the indigenous women who have always been here, who have cared for this earth, who raised their families here, who loved the trees, the animals and the skies before I knew how.

Though not connected by bloodline, I feel a strong connection to the female energy of this land. I wanted to honour their strength and celebrate the thread that tie us together – our connection as women.

We are connected as mothers, daughters, sisters. We are the maidens, the mothers and the crones, we are the cycle of life…



Three female figures are depicted, reminiscent of rock paintings and symbolising all women from various descendants.

They form the cycle of life, the maiden on the left, the mother in the middle and the crone on the right.

The maiden is still and in anticipation, looking forward to the future that lies ahead.

The mother is in birth pose, crouching over a sphere with patterning that signify dna, traditions, clans, families, individuals.

The crone is dancing to the beat of the ancestors, bringing wisdom and linking to the spirit world.

Lines and forms denote storylines and timelines and how women are connected to the past and the future, to dimensions we can only imagine.

The three women are all connected with each other, with each generation in the past, creating the current timeline and building what is to come.





Three red dots on opening night

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